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Prix dédié aux films photographiques et diaporamas sonores.


Film festival dedicated to a new genre:

the photographic movie

The SECOND edition will take place on November 4 and 5, 2022, at the ESPACE JEMMAPES and the FRANÇOIS VILLON LIBRARY, in Paris.

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On the program of the Nuits Photo 2022: an opening "retrospective" screening, thematic screenings, "cartes blanches", a live performance, an installation, screenings of films in competition, guest artists, round tables, workshops, project readings, etc.
The 2022 edition will be placed under the sign of sound creation, with invited sound creators, workshops and round tables on the subject, LECTURES ÉLECTRIQUES, and the presence of the collective LA CASSETTE.
Complete and detailed program in progress.


A photographic movie is a movie. That's all.

It is the perfect meeting between the poetic intensity of sound and the power of the photographic immobility, an unequalled complicity between two narratives, visual and sound, which plunges us into a new dimension, a sensitive experience beyond photography, while marrying the codes of cinema.

It is a field of creative experimentation that never stops pushing its limits. It has also become a tool for distribution and broadcast, which offers new perspectives to those who use photography as an artistic and personal medium, or as a professional communication tool.

The photographic film is becoming today a major medium, indispensable, both from an informative and artistic point of view. It knows no limits, no boundaries, respects no code, fits into no box; absolutely immersive, it is a medium that reflects our society: constantly changing, inclusive, transgender and transdisciplinary, sublimating reality; it fascinates some and frightens others, but always challenges, and claims its existence.

The photographic movie is photography, but it is above all cinema!



Les Nuits Photographiques have already existed. Created by Guillaume Chamahian and Nicolas Havette, they took place for five years, from 2011 to 2015. They took place at night, in the open air, at the Buttes Chaumont or at the Pavé du Carré Baudouin, in Paris, and awarded a series of awards each year.

With the support of their creators, we - the Freelens association and Alex Liebert, initiator of the project and administrator of Freelens - are reviving Les Nuits Photo, adapting it to new constraints, but also developing it towards different demands and requirements. We are ensuring an audience that is already loyal to the event, loyal to photographic movie, and we wish to transform this festival into an unmissable event in the world of photographic movie and photography.

But our ambition goes beyond that, because to develop and perpetuate this event is to deploy it as a true film festival, recreating this lost link between cinema and photography thanks to the missing link: the Photographic Movie.

Our commitment to the Photographic Movie is absolute, and beyond projecting it, we want, in an educational spirit, to make it discoverable, to deconstruct it, to present those who make it, artists, photographers, editors, filmmakers etc. Screenings are scheduled, of course, but there will also be meetings, workshops, conferences and project readings.  

Finally, in an ambition to create a "social" festival, it is free and open to all, to give an access without reserve to a public that we wish the largest and the most inclusive possible. Our commitment is also in the respect of the copyright, by remunerating the presented artists and by paying broadcasting rights for each projected film.


THE PROGRAMME OF LES NUITS PHOTO 2022 (work in progress)

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