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Reason #3: Lower Your Gas Costs

Although gas prices have recently come down, filling up your gas tank is still quite expensive. When you attend an online university, however, you won't have to worry about burning up the fuel in order to drive back and forth to campus. In fact, you never have to leave the comfort of home!

Reason #4: Eliminate Transportation Costs

In addition to lowering your gas bill, attending an online university can help you eliminate other transportation costs as well. If you have to take public transportation in order to attend a brick and mortar institution, you will no longer have to worry about covering that expense. Or, depending upon where you live and your lifestyle, attending an online university can completely eliminate the need to even own a vehicle and to pay the expenses associated with maintaining it.

Reason #5: Find More Time for Work

Attending an online university can also help you keep more money in your pocket by freeing up more time for you to go to work. Many adults who go back to college are trying to work while furthering their education. Unfortunately, trying to juggle both can be quite difficult and many are forced with choosing between cutting back on work hours and cutting back on their schooling. When you attend an online university, however, you will be less likely to face this choice and will be able to keep your finances afloat while earning your college degree.

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